Collaborative Writing Challenge

“Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much”
― Helen Keller

Esyld's Awakening 

In a land of direwolves and dragons, the Abdita are a species devoted to maintaining the balance between man and the earth. Guardians by nature, their powers are misunderstood.

When a dark force rises, the balance of life is unsettled. Blight and sickness spread.

Desperate for answers, King Rouaix Godfrey XVII turns to the mysterious Prime Order. He sets his knights—led by the unequaled Ser Pagaene—on the Abdita.

But the High Priestess of the Adbita summons a different kind of champion—Esyld, a guardian with wisdom on her side.

Thrown together, each tests the patience and fortitude of the other. But both factions carry dark secrets, and it may take more than either nature or man alone to stop what is coming.

CWC Story Coordinator
T.S. Dickerson - North Dakota

Tara is a long-time lover of storytelling. She began writing for fun in fourth grade; her first work was a poem about dolphins. She wrote for her high-school and college newspapers and her college’s literary magazine but chose a different career path, receiving a Bachelor’s degree in Equine Science. 

After joining a group of friends for a weekly “poetry night” at a local restaurant, she rediscovered her love of writing. Now, she has decided to take her passion seriously. 

Tara joined the CWC in their fifth collaboration, The Map. She enjoyed the experience so much that she jumped at the chance to become story-coordinator for Esyld’s Awakening.

In addition to her work with the CWC, Tara is in the final stages of writing a post-apocalyptic romance titled The Scarring Underneath.

Tara is happily married with two human children, three dogs, and a cat. Born and raised in Montana, she has also lived in the Pittsburgh area of Pennsylvania, and currently resides in North Dakota.

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