Collaborative Writing Challenge

“Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much”
― Helen Keller

Pilot Collaboration - The Concierge.

We have achieved the impossible and actually finished our pilot project 'The Concierge'. We have collectively written over 72,400 words, and the book has been edited by many volunteers. You can see our book cover to the right, and it is now available to buy on Amazon in paperback or on kindle. 

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As this is our pilot project, all profit from sales of this book will be donated to charity. After much deliberation we have decided that IBBY is a wonderful organization, dedicated to providing children from all over the world access to books. Please see further details about this charity by opening the pdf document below.



"I loved this book! I'm not much of a reader but I couldn't miss the opportunity to read this collaboratively written book and I'm so glad I did.

At first I enjoyed picking out the different writing styles, seeing if I could notice any major differences, by about chapter 7 I had totally forgotten it was written by different people as I was so engrossed by the story. I think I read the book in 4 sittings, once I had a chance to pick it up I struggled to put it down!
I found the plot complex enough for me, it kept me interested and I was intrigued about the next twist. I enjoyed learning about the relationships between the characters and was surprised by every revelation.
I would definitely recommend this book to anyone. If this type of plot isn't your normal read, give it a go. Like me, you might enjoy it!" - Victoria Smith


"This is a book that suffers from many of the strengths and weaknesses that is to be expected from a collaborative writing experience. I will delve further into those strengths and weaknesses, momentarily, but I do want to say, overall, that it was an interesting and even exciting reading experience. This was my first time reading a collaborative novel like this, and it got my mind revving about the possibilities of such an endeavor, particularly in different genres. It's enticing to think about a book written from several different perspectives, with each perspective being written by a different author. Perhaps in due time.
Now, to the strengths:
They myriad of writing voices was somewhat exhilarating. Each writer brought unique strengths to the story, which helped flesh out the story in ways we don't see from traditional writing. Some of the chapters elements of the story were revealed through exposition, while other writers were better transmitting information through dialogue and action, and so on. So basically the reader gets an unexpectedly varied reading experience." - Mr Furious (Click HERE for full review)


"This book is a must to read, the fact that 19 authors wrote this is amazing.You would expect to find maybe a chapter where you knew who was writing it but it is impossible, the story just flows along and keeps you guessing, the person who put this together is very clever. A wonderful idea that works. The story is flowing and an easy read, I read it in 5 days - a must for anyone who likes a Mystery from the very first chapter it gets you hooked.
I hope there will be more." - Christina T


"This was quite the feat in engineering, if you consider the number of authors, and their widely distant locations. It can't have been easy - or fun, a lot of the time. Nevertheless, the journey through the life of Clarissa Banks, the concierge of the Watts Regency Hotel became increasingly more exciting by each chapter read. The chapter transitions weren't seamless, but they were certainly streamlined. The ongoing storyline could have been choppy and hard to follow with so many authors, but it wasn't. Just when I thought I knew where the story was headed, it veered off in an entirely different direction. It kept me guessing, that's for sure. I also liked the fact that I never really knew who the bad guys were. That added to the suspense of it all. The only character I could be sure of is Clarissa herself. She stayed true to the ones she loved, like Jim and Joy, even when it wasn't clear whether they were even on her side or not. This is an excellent read. I love the fact that sales of it will be used to promote reading around the world in areas where illiteracy is rampant. I believe this book to be a collaborative Triumph." - Moonwalker


"The constant twists kept the story fresh, and I enjoyed the intrigue it held. I love when things connect, so it was neat to see so many turns in this story and a steady revelation of different characters' relationships and corruptness thereof. I found some of it to be cheesy, specifically a bit of the dialogue and the boyfriend/girlfriend relationship. I could see structural errors and grammatical errors too, but for this to be a first collaboration makes me proud of the group. 19 authors and a completed novel that flows relatively well... I'd say that's more than an accomplishment. That said, I will repeat that I loved the story. It took a simple concierge and turned her into a maze of mystery, drama, romance, lies, and secrets. It's neat. Her character wasn't very strong (structurally), but the story seemed to be, and I can imagine substantial improvement in future novels that I'll want to read. I'll have to keep an eye out for them." - Cayce


"This novel stands as an exquisite gem of literary ingenuity and creativity. The story itself is a compelling drama about a young woman living in New York city and desperately searching to uncover hidden elements of her past. It has well crafted suspense, perfectly timed revelations, a fair share of twists and turns that will appeal to a wide base of readers who might not normally pick up a title in the genre. The cast of characters are well developed and present the full spectrum of human behavior and morality. The story is highly engrossing and very easy to follow with every page offering a measure of substance.
Perhaps the greatest point of note, regarding “The Concierge” and what makes it stand out against its peers in the genre is the fact that the book was co-authored by nineteen different writers. It is amazing, the continuity and consistency that the team of authors was able to deliver. Despite being a piece written by people from every corner of the world the story and the charters portrayed within it flow seamlessly from one chapter to the next. “The Concierge” sets a very hard act to follow for any team of writers that wish to venture into the realm of collaborative fiction. This is a book that offers more than just a good story and for that alone it is worth the read.

Fair Warning there are a few typos scattered here and there but they are easy to overlook when measured against the strength of the story." - Jason Pere


"My friend is involved in this project and asked me to read this book. I reluctantly agreed as I usually prefer crime and authors such as John Grisham. Admittedly I don’t venture from that genre much. I was plesantly surprised by how much I did enjoy The Concierge. The read was very fast paced, I agree with other comments that you really couldn’t guess where the story was going, one moment you felt you had a grasp on it then it flipped on it’s head. This didn’t allow for in depth character exploration like some novels have, but I didnt miss that. I kept wanting to read more to figure out what was going to happen.

I really enjoyed the twist at the end too, very unexpected, which was no surprise by this point. It is amazing to think that so many writers were involved, and a mix of nationalities too. I am a reader, not a writer, but I think if I was, it would be great to get involved in a project like this. I believe their are other books planned, all different genres. I imagine I will consider reading these, just to see how they turn out in comparison. This is definitely worth reading if you are not sure. The introduction to the project is fasignating, and the story itself, as I said, is very engaging." - Ding

"The Concierge is a real page turner. Beginning with the first chapter, I had trouble putting the book down.

In the way this book grabs your attention and holds it, is comparable to books written by Harlan Coben.

With regard to the interconnectedness of the characters and their relationships The Concierge has a Dickensonian feel to it." - Lee Hutson.