Collaborative Writing Challenge

“Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much”
― Helen Keller

How it Works?

Unlike other collaborations, our stories are built by participants who have no contact with each other. 

Each week, four or five writers will submit a chapter of roughly 2000 words, and one will be selected as part of the story. Each chapter writer will receive the full chapter 1, the full chapter prior to the one they will write, and a synopsis of every chapter inbetween. The writers will also receive thorough notes containing a list of characters, locations, and highlights. By using this method, the writer does not get bogged down by the entire story. They receive relevant information, and any errors arising from that can be tidied up later by the story Coordinater. 

This collaboration is called a challenge because writers have to pick up where someone left off, and try to keep the voice of the story consistent. This is no easy feat, and even the most seasoned writers find this challenging. It is also very rewarding, and the writers themselves are probably more excited than anyone to read the completed novel. 

Some writers opt to participate on multiple chapters, and find the challenge very different in different parts of the book. I think you would agree that getting that final chapter just right is integral to a sucessful read. To ensure we get enough variety, all participants will be given the chance to submit this chapter. 

Every week, the writers recieve a group email containing the synopsis of the successful chapter along with updated reference notes. This helps keep the writers engaged whilst waiting for their turn to participate.

Our first book is a suspense drama, our second a 1920's Drama, our third is Sci-Fi, and our fourth is Fantasy. We will always base future collaborations on what our writers are interested in. We can collaborate on any genre. 

Here at CWC we have numerous ways you can get involved. Have a look at the vacancies on our contact page, and if you're still interested, get in touch.

We look forward to hearing from you!
CWC Team.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are you looking for volunteers?

CWC is a non profit organization. Our books are published through CW Publishing House, which was primarily set up to publish CWC books. All profit generated after costs is put back into the organization. As soon as profit is made, authors will be given free copies of the book they participated in, but at this time, that is not possible. This is why we are seeking volunteers! Once you commit to taking part, you have a very good chance of becoming published! CWC meet all the running costs and publishing costs, and 100% of profits from our first collaboration go to a wonderful children's charity

What do participants receive?

At the end of the collaboration, everyone will recieve a PDF of the completed book. Everyone who submits a chapter, regardless of if it is selected or not, is acknowledged in the published novel. Once the book is published, each participant will be able to purchase two books at cost price.

Why should I get involved?

You will become a published contributor to a UNIQUE collaborative novel. Not only this, but the challenge itself is fun and rewarding. See what our current participants say about the project on our ABOUT CWC page.

How does this collaboration differ from others?

Most collaborations are joint writing ventures where all parties agree on the content of the book. 

This project is unique as although the writers guide the book, the moderators keep the book on track. The writers and moderators work closely together but the writers never meet. At the end of the project, the writers themselves will have no idea how the story plays out until they read the finished book.

The key to our success is in the story coordinator. This person keeps rigorous notes on characters, locations, plots to be addressed, along with keeping the voice consistent. This drives the project and prevents it from loosing steam or fizzling out.

How often will you start a new collaboration?

Here at CWC we aim to start two collaborative novels every year, and show the world that many hands make very interesting work. Each project lasts around 8 months. We may increase this number in the distant future with the help of additional story coordinators.

What happens once I submit my work?

Once you submit your chapter, you agree to the strict guidelines that allows us to heavily edit your work if need be. Does this take away your individual creativity? It certainly doesn't. A project like this only works with consistency. You could never merge 29 writers into one story without ironing out all the bumps and lumps. To be involved in a challenge like this, is to test your own ability to write in the style required, and to use the information you are provided with to guide your piece. If your story is strong, your inconsistencies can be ironed out, and your writing will play a major role in the whole book. Your creativity is free to thrive in the stories direction, and it is those that really get into the stories plot that are often most successful. You will be given constructive feedback if your chapter is not selected.

Who owns the copyright to my work?

If your submission is accepted, we retain the copyright to your work. Your chapter now forms part of a book that will be published, and to ensure the integrity of the project, your chapter cannot be distributed to any other organisation.

Why should I sign up, if there is no guarantee the chapter I write will be used?

There are only 4 writers per chapter, so you have a 1 in 4 chance of being published. I think that is an appealing challenge. This is what one of our participants thinks about it...

Cristel Benitez - 18 - Buenos Aires, Argentina

"I didn't feel discouraged when my chapter was rejected, but I think this has a lot to do with the feedback I got from the story coordinator. In fact, at first it felt like: "Oh, well, this sounds interesting, let's sign up and see how it goes..." But now that I really had a shot at it, a first taste of how it actually works, I'm more eager for my next turn to write another chapter. Even when it wasn't selected, it was a fun write, and isn't that what it's all about? I have my whole life to write things and show them to people if I want, this is more like a game to me, and I play for the sake of playing." 

If you have any other questions, please do not hesitate to contact us!