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How to Add Spice to Your Sex Life

When you are in love, everything goes great. But not after long, you find your sex life, just fading away as you get more and more busy in your work. But being busy is not the actual reason why sex is not great anymore. You feel more used to your partner and sex becomes more of a routine with nothing more left to explore. You have tried the kitchen, outdoors, shower, and whatnot, and now you are just out of ideas. Without sex, life may seem tasteless and boring. You can your partner may be done with being romantic now that the excitement it brought has used up its last drop. But when you love each other, there is always a light of hope. You can still find new ways of spicing up your sex life if you are ready to explore. Here are some easy ways you can get back your mojo and get rocking.


Have you tried sexting before? It might seem like a teenager thing, but it can actually turn you on if your partner knows how to put lay down the words. Sexting is fun and adds a little bit of creativity in writing down things which you would otherwise be shy to perform. You can create a story and lead the plot with interesting and kinky stuff. It will be real fun until you meet your partner in real and release all the excitement is steamy sex.

Role Play

You can try out role play outside sexting as well. There are plenty of websites online which provide sexy outfits and props that you can use in your roleplay. Roleplaying can open up the scenarios which you and your partner otherwise will not experience. Plan cosplay that you and your partner will have fun taking off. Your favourite TV show can be an example of your role play theme. You can even write down your own dialogues and have fun unravelling the mysteries of your hot evening.

Be spontaneous

Sex is not something to be planned before having. It should always be spontaneous and be a surprise for the other person. Setting a calendar for having sex is the stupidest idea that you can think off. Set the mood right, go to your partner and use your foreplay skills to make it happen at the moment. Tease your partner into paying attention to you and lead them to wild sex anywhere you would like. Do not get disappointed on hearing a NO and hope for better timing.

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Use the toys

Sex toys are not as weird as they may seem to the first-timers. It is a billion-dollar industry, and you may not know if your neighbours or someone at your home are using it too. It is a natural thing to stimulate yourself, and instead of hands, there are now better alternatives. You can use the toys which are available for couples to make your sex life a little bit better. But in the end, it is both of your efforts, which will really bring the heat to your sexual pleasures.